Our Daddy's Plymouth

by Bob Martin

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released November 30, 1978

BOB MARTIN - Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (except "A Song Your Daddy Sang"), Piano ("All The Things"), Rhodes Piano and Marimba ("Baloney"), Bass ("Fragments"), Percussion

MARVIN PAYNE - Harmony and Chorus Vocals ("Our Daddy's Plymouth," "Baloney," "A Song Your Daddy Sang." Acoustic 6- and 12-Sting Guitars ("Spend A Little Time," "A Song Your Daddy Sang"), Electric Guitar and Bass ("A Song Your Daddy Sang"), Rhodes Piano ("All The Things"), Percussion

GUY RANDLE - Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin, Clarinet, Conga, Percussion



RICH DIXON - Acoustic Guitar ("All The Things," "Over In Norway"), Electric Guitar ("Over In Norway," "Florida")

ERIC YOUNGBERG - Flute ("Sandman"), Sax

KRISTEN RANDLE - Flute ("Before I Get Over You"), Chorus ("Our Daddy's Plymouth")

BOB KITT - Piano ("Sandman")

DAVID PURINTON - Tuba ("Lovely Ladies")

MARK WARNER - Tuba ("Our Daddy's Plymouth")


COLIN GROMATZKY, ELISABETH HOLT (the girl from Norway) - Chorus ("Our Daddy's Plymouth")

Produced and Engineered by


Recorded at ROSEWOOD RECORDING CO., Provo, Utah

Cover Photo by BRIAN K. KELLY



all rights reserved



Bob Martin Franklin, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Our Daddy's Plymouth
We like our Daddy's Plymouth,
We like to go with him for rides;
He takes us everywhere,
Over here and over there--
We like our Daddy's Plymouth

Our Daddy's car is full of holes,
He says it's getting pretty old;
The doors don't work on the left side,
So we all get in on the right

Jimmy and Sue's Dad is real mean;
He likes to keep his big car clean.
They can't play rocket ship to Mars,
So we all come and play in ours.

Whenever we go really far,
Mom drives and Daddy plays guitar;
We all sing high and dad sings low,
The car goes rocking down the road.

When Mom and Dad think we're asleep,
They sit real close on the front seat;
Dad kisses Mom, Mom kisses Dad--
We start to laugh and Dad gets mad.
Track Name: Over In Norway
Over from Norway came a girl;
How was I to know she came
From half-way around the world?
I fell in love--
Wish I had known--
I fell in love;
It's gonna hurt me in my bones
When she goes home.

She has a smile breaks my heart,
She has a look makes my poor reason blow away,
Soft is her throat and white as northern snow,
Deep in her eyes I hear the rushing of sea-water in a fjord.
I fell in love...

Over in Norway is a girl;
How was I to know she came
From half-way around the world?
I fell in love--
Wish I had known--
I fell in love;
And it hurts me in my bones
Now she is home.
Track Name: Spend A Little Time
Come on won't you honey,
Won't you spend a little time;
I don't have much money,
All I've got to spend is time.

We could sit and read a book,
Or we could walk downtown and look
At Cadillacs--window shop awhile;
We could have a water fight,
Play laser-tag with my flashlight,
Or put our shorts and sneakers on
And run a mile.

We could find some broken toys
And fix 'em up for retarded boys
And give to them the love that they might need.
We could scratch each others' backs,
Or tight-rope walk on bicycle racks,
Go to the garden and pull out
All the weeds.

We could go and look at houses,
Pick out one for when we're spouses,
And little children are coming one-two-three,
Four and five and six and seven,
All of us will go to heaven,
I will be with you and you
Will be with me

So come on won't you honey,
Won't you spend a little time;
I don't have much money,
All I've got to spend is time.
The best things in this world are free,
And one of them is me, you see--
So come on,
Won't you spend a little time with me.
Track Name: All The Things
I think of all the things
You've meant and mean to me,
And, oh, I pray the Lord
Allows our love to be.

I think of when we're old
And sitting by the fire
Looking through the photographs
At what we were before.

Then I hope you'll smile
And think it worth your while,
Knowing that eternally
Together we will be.
Track Name: Baloney
I met her this summer,
A young lady from Sweden,
And whenever I saw her,
I felt like Adam in Eden.

Oh, lovely thing with your eyes of blue,
Your pretty white smile and your blonde hair, too;
If you ever really asked me to,
I think I might have gone home with you.

Well, she ate baloney
For breakfast with her macaroni,
So when I ate my cornflakes
I put in some baloney.

But she didn't love me;
She was too far above me,
And it makes me feel sad
To think of all the good times what we could have had.

Now I don't eat baloney
'Cause it makes me feel lonely,
And I don't like cold hot dogs
'Cause they taste like baloney.
Track Name: Sandman
It's time to turn out the light,
Dream away the troubles of the day,
Dream about the love you did not find today--
I am the sandman;
Nobody else can close your eyes.

Sleep tight,
And things will turn out all right--
Maybe you will find your friend tomorrow;
Now just try to sleep away your sorrow--
I am the sandman;
Nobody else can dry your eyes.
Track Name: Florida
Like to go home to Florida,
On the beach with the swaying trees,
Let the sun shine down on me,
Run from pretty ladies in bikinis.

Here in Utah they've got no beach;
They've got the sand but it's a long way to the sea--
But oh, their women,
They smile with their long dresses on,
And I fall in love.

Nothing's better than Florida,
On the beach when the sun goes down,
Watch the moon move behind a cloud,
Light the ocean and sparkle in the sea.

So I'm not coming to Florida--
Say hello to my Dad for me,
Tell my Mother I still love her;
If they want to spend the money,
They can come see me.
Track Name: Before I Get Over You
As I was sitting in the crowd,
And I was looking all around,
I saw you look at me
And smile just like you used to do.

I had a woman in my head,
But when I saw you out she went--
I saw you look at me
And smile just like you used to do;
I was mistaken when I thought
I got over you.

I looked away and missed again
The happiness that might have been
Had I the courage to be more than just a friend,
To be the man who is your husband.

I'm sure there'll be another girl,
I won't go lonesome through this world,
My love for her will grow
And grow as no other love grew--
But it will be a while
Before I get over you.
Track Name: Rats
I guess that you have noticed
How all white rats look the same;
If you've got more than a dozen,
It's hard to know their names.
The nice thing 'bout a rat
Is you can take him where you go,
Slip him in your pocket
If it doesn't have a hole.

Ah, rats--is it time to part again?
Sure'd be nice
To find myself a permanent friend.

Maybe you have noticed
People start to look the same,
I guess I've known a million--
I wont' mention any names.
Bad thing 'bout a person,
And I guess by now you know,
If it ain't you that is leavin'
Then ti's them that's gotta go.

On the average I'm in love
'Bout twice a year or so,
And on the average, twice a year,
I'm not in love no more.
If I'm not mistaken,
A rat lives seven years,
Making fourteen times less often
That my best friend disappears.

Maybe I'll go buy a rat,
I can get one pretty cheap,
Have him with me all day long,
Have him with me when I sleep.
But that's not much solution,
I'd rather keep a human,
Have her with me all day long,
Have her with me when I read my scriptures.*

*The original lyric. We changed it in the studio for fear it might offend. Wish we hadn't.
Track Name: Fragments
Jenny and Sarah, Margaret and May,
Jesse and Carol, Christina and Kay,
Renée and Juanita, Miss Utah and Sue,
All said they loved me and bid me adieu.

Flat on the highway is lying a hound
Wandered for days with his nose on the ground,
Along came a car like the one that he knew,
Excited to see it, he ran out too soon.


Breeze in the curtain, moon in the screen,
Elbows on knees, and my head in a dream,
Listening to trains whistle far in the night,
Praying for love and I'm waiting for light.
Track Name: Lovely Ladies
Look at all the lovely ladies,
Don't they look so fine?
Thousands on the sidewalk,
Wish just one were mine, all mine.
I know that it can happen,
It happens every day,
Every girl I've gone for,
Well, she fell in love and now she's off and married.
Maybe I'll look back one day and laugh,
But when you're in the thin of it
And lonely like a stray dog by the road,
It ain't no laughing matter.

I drive a banged up Plymouth,
My friend he drives a Benz,
When I'm with a woman, she says,
"Won't you tell me 'bout your friend?"
I don't hold her attention,
I kinda seem to fade;
A school-boy with some promise,
But uncertain--I just don't make the grade.
Maybe I'll be great one day, who knows?
Maybe I'll be nothing but a man who loves his children and it shows
And it shows.

Ooo, I need a woman to talk to;
Heaven won't you help me,
If there's anything on earth that you can do--
Oh, please do.
Track Name: A Song Your Daddy Sang
Here's a song your Daddy sang
Before he met your mom;
He sang it as his guitar rang
Before you came along.

"The sun goes down in lavender
To end another day;
Jesus was the carpenter
Who built the Milky Way."

His thumbs hooked in his corduroys,*
He'd gaze up at the stars,
"One day I'll have little boys--
I wonder where they are."

When sleep had settled on the land
He'd close his eyes and say,
"One day I'll have little girls*
And teach them how to pray."

La la la...
Jesus was the carpenter--
Now it's time to pray.

* What I should have written--our first two kids were girls, Liz and Emilie. Special thanks to son Andy for putting this up on bandcamp for me.

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